Posted March 19, 2017

Dear Friends,
On Saturday afternoon June 3, Sargent Center, with support from your organization, will hold its second annual Open
House from 1-4 PM. The community, including friends from far away, is invited to tour the facility, enjoy music,
storytelling, outdoor activities, as well as learn about the programs run by Nature’s Classroom. All ages are welcome
and the afternoon is free of charge. See a flyer for the event here.
Although the 700-acre campus has hosted camping and team-building programs for over a century, it has been not
been well known to the local community. This is a chance for neighbors to walk the paths, and visit with staff and
alumni from all generations.
This year’s Open House will include popular Sargent Center activities including nature crafts, canoeing, kayaking,
and the climbing wall. In addition, Friends of Sargent is thrilled to sponsor special performances by nationally known
Abenaki storytellers and musicians Joe and Jesse Bruchac.
Joe Bruchac is a professional storyteller, poet, and author of award-winning books for children and adults who draws
upon his Abenaki cultural heritage in much of his work. He is the co-author, with Michael Caduto, of the bestselling
Keepers of the Earth, a book series for children of Native American and environmental stories and learning
activities. Jesse Bruchac is a storyteller and expert in Native American languages. Together Joe and Jesse are co-
founders of a musical group, the Dawnland Singers.
The Friends of Sargent directors-Jeff, Judy, Kim, Marty, Jane, Marna, and Mimi-will be on campus all weekend and
urge you to join us Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. We would love to see you!  And this way, you can
enjoy spending an extended time at Sargent with friends and family, as well as partake of the exciting line-up of
Open House performances and activities.  Download a Weekend Registration Form, fill it out and mail it with your
enclosed check to Sargent Center. If you plan to only attend the Open House Saturday June 3 from 1-4 PM, there is
no pre-registration and no charge.
We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at Sargent Center in June.
Jeff Benay, President
Judith Schechtman, Vice President
Kim Merlino, Secretary
Martin Thrope, Treasurer
Jane Barry, Director
Marna Sag, Director
Miriam Weinstein, Director

Friends of Sargent appreciates your past financial support and urges you to consider donating again. If you have
not donated in the past, please consider doing so. March is a great time of year to donate because this is when
our organization makes an annual pledge to Sargent Center to provide funds for summer Adventure Camp
scholarships. We need your help to send more kids to camp so they can discover how to enjoy being away from
home in the outdoors for a few precious digital-free days, learning self-confidence and appreciation for the natural

There are other important ways to show you care for Sargent Center.
     o  If you are a donor but not a member, you can become a member and show support for our efforts to secure
the future of Sargent Center.
     o  A “Like” click on our Facebook page doesn’t cost a thing, but shows you appreciate Sargent Center in a way
that millions can see.
Friends of Sargent is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization that supports and promotes Sargent Center as a model of
collaborative experiential outdoor education. In honoring its unique 100-plus year history, we advocate for creative programming and
inclusionary practices that will ensure Sargent Center’s future for generations to come.
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Sargent Center Open House
June 3, 2017
1 - 4 pm