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     I only spent two summers, 1963 and 1964, at Sargent Camp.  It was a special place and a special time, learning to
appreciate the beauty of the natural world, and sharing experiences with others who developed those same feelings.
…Although it wasn’t very much time actually at Sargent, it still made a huge impression on me, one that always fills me with
joy and a feeling of peace. Perhaps that's because when I'm at Sargent enjoying and cherishing the reunions, I feel as if I'm
traveling back in time, to a younger me, to a time more carefree and less "Responsible," less “Grown Up,” and to a feeling
of being more in tune with the universe.  What a wonderful place, one that I will always treasure!  Long live Sargent -may it
create wonderful memories for many more generations to come.
-Alison Lovitt Reinfeld, Reston, VA
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Friends of Sargent
     Sargent Center is a camp where we get to have life-changing experiences, including the ropes course and one of three
electives: Dangle Quad, Climbing Wall, and Marine (Aquatic) Biology. I got to finish the Dangle Quad, go upside-down on
the zip-line, and have a fun time with my peers.
     The food* was great (I ate a lot, 'cause I love food) and the Night Walk was super! We went on the GAK, in the dark, and
that was sensational. The curriculum was amazing, and I was surprised there was even room for free time! The beds were
comfortable, the cooks (Rocky and David) were awesome, and the set-up of the schedule was engaging.
Between the entertainment after meals, challenges, confidence, learning, safety (and that was a big part), survival, unity,
teamwork, and the four C's, the time I had there was phenomenal. I rate this a 6 out of 5. It exceeded my expectations
greatly, and I assess it as one of the two most memorable times in the past 12 years of my life.
     Also, just a comment, I thought that [Larry] was the best harmonica player in the world. It even had a purpose! Calming
down the students, getting their attention, and entertaining them, all at once. It enhanced the experience, and gave it that
perfect touch. I thank you for inviting my school for this adventure I will never forget.
     * P. S.: The salad bar, family style serving, and dessert were all admirable ideas.
-Michael K., 7th Grader
    I learned that I am better at making friends than I thought.
    I learned that I was stronger than I thought and it’s more fun going outdoors than looking at my phone.
    In our field group activities I crafted a spoon out of a block of wood. It’s amazing that you can create useful things out of
the things around you in nature.
-Campers, 2015 Season